How to Make a Terrarium

How to make a terrarium

We'll help you get started with your very own terrarium in just five easy steps.


Step 1: Choose your terrarium container

For your terrarium, we recommend using anything that’s clear glass or acrylic for the best look. Choose from our selection here or as a last resort you can even settle for an old pickle jar.

There’s two types of terrariums – open and closed.

Open terrariums don’t have a lid and are more suited for plants such as cacti and succulents which prefer dryer conditions.

Closed terrariums act as a self-contained ecosystem and are suited for plants such as ferns and mosses which thrive in humid and wet conditions.

Step 2: Add in your drainage layer

For drainage, small pebbles and stones from your backyard or any local garden store will do.

The purpose of this layer is to prevent excess water from sitting in the soil, which could cause the roots of your plants to rot and mold to grow.

Step 3: Set up your soil layer

Place a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the drainage layer to absorb toxins and odours.

Add a layer of textural sphagnum moss to separate the soil from falling into the drainage layer.

After that, top it up with a thick layer of soil from your backyard or a potting mix found at any local garden store.

Step 4: Get some plants

We recommend choosing your plants carefully depending on the type of terrarium you selected in Step 1.

If you chose an open terrarium, it would be best to use succulents, cacti or air plants which all prefer arid conditions. Snap off a cutting from a succulent plant and just place the stem (no roots required) into the soil – they’re that easy to plant and only require a light misting weekly.

For closed terrariums, it’s best to use plants such as ferns, mosses, cryptanthus, neoregelia, aechmea, peperomia and friendship plants to name a few.

Step 5: Pick your cute terrarium figurines and miniatures

This is the last and best part about making a terrarium!

While we’ve got all the miniature, cute and funny terrarium figurines to make your terrarium look adorable and trendy, it’s entirely up to you to design your own look and feel 🙂