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Yes! We welcome guest posts. If you want to write for Trendy Terrariums, we’d love to have you! We accept articles to be published on our blog. Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on Trendy Terrariums.

Here’s what we are looking for…

  • 100% Original Content
  • Lots of photos
  • Lots of examples
  • DIY or How-To Guides


There are three types of posts that work well…

You share tips or results – In this article type you will be sharing detailed tips and ideas, or the results you have achieved from a specific gardening topic or technique. You will explain what you did and the results you achieved, then show the readers (within reason) how to do it themselves to achieve the same results.

Numbered list post – In this article type you will put together a numbered list that will serve as a quick reference guide for new gardeners to help improve their gardening skills or solve a common problem new gardeners face. Each item in the list will include a brief description.

Detailed “how to” or tutorial post – In this article type you will show the readers how to execute a specific gardening task or DIY project step-by-step. You will use lots of photos and examples wherever possible.


If you’re interested in writing for us or just want to share ideas or leave feedback, get in contact with us now!

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