Grow a Bottle Garden Terrarium

If you love to garden or have houseplants, you will love to grow a bottle garden terrarium. These small gardens are great for people who do not have a lot of outdoor space and only want a small contained plant inside. It is easy for anyone to grow a terrarium with these easy steps.
Bottle and Container Types

First, you must choose the bottle or container for your aquarium. Ideally, the bottle should be glass. Plastic is okay as long as it is transparent. You can use a large gallon sized glass jar that you can buy pickles or bulk fruit salad in. Glass candy or food canisters are another great choice.

The Soil

The soil for your bottle terrarium garden must be a specific type. At the very bottom, you should put one to two inches of small sized gravel or pebbles. Using large sized aquarium gravel is a good choice for this. This gravel will insure that any extra water can drain away and not drown the plants. Since the bottom of the bottle garden is closed, this is important.

After the layer of gravel or pebbles, you will want to put a two to three inch layer of high quality potting soil. You can use a small piece of sponge tied to a long stick to wipe off the inside of the glass after you pour in the dirt.


All the plants that you choose for your bottle terrarium garden must be small. This type of garden is very good for cacti and other succulents. You can also choose diminutive ground cover plants and houseplants.

After you have chosen one or two plants to grow, you need to plant them in the potting soil. Use either your hand or a long forked stick to dig a small hole in the soil and put the plant’s roots in. The root ball should be covered with the soil. Tamp the soil back in firmly around the roots and then water gently.

Possible Decor Types

Besides planting the one or two small plants in your bottle terrarium, you might consider adding a bit of decor. A pretty plant stake that looks like a butterfly or dragonfly would look nice. You could also include a snail or turtle statue right on the ground. Really, you can put anything small that you want into your garden, from a toy spade to a robot action figure.

Caring for Your Bottle Garden

After your terrarium garden is complete, you have to take care of it. It is important to not over water the garden, as it cannot drain. You should only water it when the top surface of the soil is dry. Some people also like to clean the inside of the glass from time to time. This can be done with a dry cloth or sponge.

Planting and caring for a bottle terrarium garden can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Not only do you have the joy of growing things, but you also will have a pretty addition to your home. By choosing a large bottle and dwarf variety plants, you will be able to keep your terrarium garden healthy for a long time.