Christmas Terrarium: Table Decorating Idea

A Christmas terrarium is a relatively unusual, yet highly stunning, table decorating idea that is sure to impress any guest. They’re also pretty easy to make. Most of the materials can be found in your backyard.
Terrariums are mini eco-systems, usually contained within glass or hard plastic no bigger than a small fishbowl, which may include plants, insects, and small animals (though these are typically called vivariums). The conditions within a real terrarium must be regulated. These include moisture, temperature, food, and materials. Faux terrariums, on the other hand, replicate an eco-system and require less of an investment and upkeep.

You don’t have to be a nature enthusiast to appreciate the decorating possibilities of creating your own terrarium. They make excellent table décor and can be modified to adapt to any holiday. This Christmas, create a festive real or faux terrarium to decorate your table.

How to Make Your Christmas Terrarium

Select a container for your Christmas terrarium. Ideas for your table decorating idea include a 2-liter soda bottle (flipped on its side), a fishbowl, a clear cookie jar, a wide vase or a milk jug (cut open on top), or a large salad bowl.

Choose a foundation for the inside of your terrarium. You can use soil, pebbles, woodchips, or rocks. Unless you are building a faux terrarium, for your Christmas terrarium, start with soil. If you intend to use real vegetation, ensure that your soil is slightly moist. For your next layer, lay down some lichen found in a nearby forest or purchased from your garden center. If you live in a wooded area, you can probably find it in your backyard. The mossy plant is part algae and part fungus and can be found in some of the most vivid greens. Collect a variety of specimens. Fern is another good idea for a terrarium. Then add a couple of large rocks or chunks of wood. If you’ve got pinecones handy, consider using them for a more festive table decoration. Then add tiny Christmas décor to your table decoration, such as a tiny plastic reindeer or elf. Top it off by placing a small gold or silver ornament or present in a corner of your terrarium.

If you would rather have flowers in your terrarium, consider using Christmas cactus or Poinsettias. Keep in mind that a Christmas cactus requires a relatively cool locale.

Once your Christmas terrarium is complete, place it on the table on top of a red or green placemat.