Varieties of Crassulas – Succulents for American Xeriscapes

Today it is important to think about conserving water, especially in areas that are prone to droughts. While water conservation may be seen by gardeners as an end to their hobby, there are still plenty of gardening options that require very little water to thrive. Gardens that are designed around a low need for water are called xeriscapes. If you are planning a xeriscapes for your yard then consider adding plants from the succulent family of Crassulas.

Elegant Crassula – Crassula elegans

The Crassula elegans, or the Elegant Crassula, is a sprawling succulent. This means that is creeps along the ground as it grows, as opposed to growing up towards the sky. It will thrive in hardiness zones 9-11 and needs full sun in order to keep its growth pattern tight and compact. This plant will grow primarily during the cool spring and autumn months and it requires only a small amount of water each month.


Fairy Crassula – Crassula multicava

Fairy Crassula is a delicate looking succulent. It can grow up to twelve inches tall and does best in partial shade for most of the day, however, it will need full sun for a couple hours a day to facilitate blooming. This succulent looks like a softer version of the hens and chicks cactus, as it has concentric circles of green succulent leaves.


Miniature Pine Tree – Crassula tetragona

The Miniature Pine Tree is not a pine tree at all, instead it is a succulent from the Crassula family. It looks like the pine needle bundles from a pine tree. This plant can grow easily in hardiness zones 9-10 and can grow as tall as four feet tall. You will want to give this plant a little bit of water during the summer months, but keep it dry during the winter months.


Rattlesnake Tail – Crassula baklyi

The Rattlesnake Tail Crassula is one of the most interesting looking succulents in the world. It looks like a cluster of rattlesnake tails. This look is created by tightly bundled leaves that surround a center stem. This succulent works well in hardiness zones 9-12. It requires light to full shade and typically experiences growth during the cooler winter months.


Silver Dollar Plant – Crassula arborescens

The Silver Dollar Plant is a great succulent to add to a xeriscapes in hot and dry regions of the country. Generally they thrive in hardiness zones 10 through 12. This plant is named after is silver dollar shaped leaf structure. When planting the Crassula arborescens you will want to find a spot that is in light to full shade, and that also has full sun part of the day. This will enhance blooming. You will also need to find an area that has good drainage. You will need to give this plant a little bit of water throughout the summer months.