The Best Indoor Plants for an Apartment

Winter in the city can be difficult. Especially in places where the weather stays cold for the entire winter. There is little or no greenery around. This can be depressing. One way to lift your spirits is by bringing life to your world through plants.
Benefits of an indoor plant

There are many benefits to keeping a house plant. Other than care, the next biggest reason people don’t keep plants is because they don’t know what kind to keep. Before you purchase any plants, make sure you have a couple of windows that have direct sunlight. Also, be realistic about how often you can maintain your plants. This guide assumes you are a beginner and thus recommends 7 hardy species that you can keep as indoor plants.

The Seven Best Indoor Plants

1. Philodendrons are good plants before they are hardy and they grow well in low light.

2. To improve indoor air quality keep several plants of the following three types: The mother-in-laws tongue (good in low light), the Areca Palm and the money plant (Epipremnum Aureum).

3. Mint is a good plan because it is resilient. If you forget to water, it can bounce back. It’s useful in cooking and cocktails too. It smells good and looks good too. Just make sure you trim it or it will grow wild.

4. Pothos – this plant could survive just about anything. I also inserts root tendrils everywhere, so beware of the items you keep nearby. Also, beware as they are poisonous.

5. Aspidistra – this is a good low-light plant that survives well.

6. Jade plant (Crassula Ovate) – also known as the friendship tree, this is a very hardy and need little water. They’re forgiving of overwatering though. Just ensure that you have good drainage, as is the case with all potted plants.

7. Ponytail palm – this is another excellent indoor plant.