Perfect Low Light Indoor Plants

Have you been searching for perfect low light indoor plants? Looking to add a special touch of green to your office or apartment?

For most people, that special touch is usually some type of plant. However a lot of cubicles and office spaces do not have access to a direct light source making it hard to grow a lot of different types of plants. However, that does not mean that greenery cannot be used to decorate your office, or an apartment for that matter. A terrarium is the perfect solution for an office or an apartment that is in the need of low light indoor plants.

A terrarium is a clear glass, enclosed container that is used to grow low light indoor plants. A terrarium can range in any size and finding apartment plants or the best plants for the office is not difficult either. It is said that having plants tend to make people have less stress, are happier, more productive, and indoor plants aid in controlling air pollution. Having a terrarium filled with the best office plants or apartment plants makes perfect sense.

There are several plants that can be considered the best plants for the office such as ferns, Swedish ivy and the African violets. Ferns are the go to plant of all terrariums and are easy to maintain. The Swedish ivy leaves are very small and look nice growing up the terrarium container. African violets can add a variety of color to the container. Crotons and Prayer Plants are also on the list of the best office plants. Crotons will add texture and color to the office plant arrangement along with the prayer plant.

There are some really cool indoor plants that will work wonderfully in a low light terrarium. However make sure that the plants in the terrarium all share the same requirements to live. Jade is a cool indoor plant that works well in this situation. Carnivorous plants, such as the Venus flytrap, sundews and pitcher plants are all cool indoor plants, thrive the best in a terrarium type living style. Mosses and cacti are also good options.

All of these plants require low light in order to survive making them great options for an office terrarium. Terrariums, once they are set u,p require little to no maintenance for months at a time. This is an easy way to being some greenery into the office without the worry of light and a lot of fuss.