Who are we?

  • Trendy Terrariums is a humble Sydney online terrarium & garden business inspired to provide cheap, affordable terrariums and supplies for beginners. The idea sprouted from our appreciation of the aesthetics of succulent gardens, jarrariums, planted aquarium tanks, bonsai trees, moss jars and home decor.
  • We strive to become a great source of ideas for how to make the most out of your plants and how to gain those green thumbs with low maintenance gardens even when you’re leading a busy work-life schedule!


What are Terrariums?

  • Terrariums are glass containers that plants and mosses are grown in. Usually terrariums are sealed, which emulates a form of ecosystem with the water cycling inside and light passing through the glass, which allows the plants to photosynthesize.
  • There are actually two types of terrariums.
    • Closed terrariums are sealed and generally house mosses, orchids, ferns and air plants since the conditions inside are wet and humid. Despite being sealed, they should be occasionally opened once a week to allow excess moisture to be removed.
    • Open terrariums on the other hand are better for plants such as succulents which do not prefer wet environments. These work well with plants that require plenty of sunlight.
  • Having a terrarium is a great choice for decorative purposes. We believe that they are a staple item for home decor. Terrariums bring life to your homes and office work space.


Terrariums for Sale?

  • From premade terrariums & diy kits to plants and terrarium supplies such as succulents, moss, miniatures, glass jars & containers to activated charcoal, we’ve got you covered! Make sure to check out our store


Want to Learn How to Make a Terrarium?

  • Check out our blog at the bottom of our homepage. We have tips and how-to guides to get you started. Look around on our posts for some inspiration and ideas.